Bing Wins Detroit's Mayoral Election

Photo Credit:(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
Today Detroit citizens chose Dave Bing as their new mayor. The former NBA star won with 52% of the votes compared to Cockrel's 48% votes. It was a close race indeed.Most seemed shocked by Bing's victory. According to the Detroit Free Press, Cockrel response was: "Bing has run a very excellent stealth campaign," he said. "I thought Bing was exhibiting campaign fatigue. I may have misread that." Following his victory, Bing made a very optimistic statement. "What I want to ask you for is just a little bit of patience," Bing said. "But as I bring my team into city government, we are going to make the changes that you voted us in to make." To learn more about the election results and public response, click on the links below.

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