Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Prom Dress Giveaway

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Prom season is here! Do you know someone that is need of a dress or do you still have yours? Visit CW50 Detroit to see how you can help a teen girl look fabulous for her once-in-a-lifetime prom!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Polyvore Wednesday: Styleshack's Glam Madame

Photo Credit: Photos by Styleshack,collage created by Raquel 

This week's Poyvore is a unique one that is the result of my collaboration with Styleshack! Styleshack offers a one-stop digital shopping experience to local (yes, local) boutiques for clothing and accessories to create any look. They offered me the chance to shop and create a look using their website. The basis to great fashion is having the right items styled together to pull off each look. To pull together that look, it’s essential and downright fun to shop for the items that will create the style you’re going for. But sometimes it's hard to know where to shop for what. Styleshack offers a fashionista the opportunity to browse and purchase online from different local boutiques on one site.

Whether you're a "Professional chic" or an "Edgy" type, you are guaranteed access to items that fit your style. Above, is a look I styled and put together based on the 9 style archetypes that Styleshack feels defines the modern woman's style. I am a combo between "Glam Madame" and "Romantic". I shopped the website's many boutiques and by archetype to create this sample look of what I think would be a somewhat casual "Glam Madame" look. The details to each item is below. Enjoy!

available at Marlee's by Tappers

Valentino Grey Rhinestone Satin Sandal- Size 37
available at Closet NV

Demi Moto Skinny in Hart
available at Rear Ends

Goddess Cascades (earrings)

Paisley (necklace)

Cameron Stretch V Neck Tank
available at Rear Ends

Black Blazer with Puff Sleeves
available at Lola B. Couture

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Accessory Of The Week: Clutch Fever

Photo Credit: Kate Spade
Spring is a great time to break out lighter layers and those favorite items tucked away. Handbags should definitely be lighter---whether it be color or weight. I find clutches to be a hot item on my list for the season. I could absolutely use some more in my closets. While shopping and using Polyvore, I found a very cute, unique clutch from Kate Spade called "Paris And The Single Girl Clutch". It's  a great addition for a casual look and still has enough wow factor for a more dressed up look. The clutch is $328 and available at Kate Spade stores or online. Check it out!

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Natural Nail Journey

Photo Credit: Raquel

I love getting my nails done; there are so many different fun colors, trends, and designs to experiment with. I'm super busy therefore I like getting the gel overlay or regular acrylic overlay on my nails (acrylic or gel overlay set is put over your nails instead of using tips). I like my nails to look fabulous and fun without dealing with a chipped nail everyday. I just don't have time for it. However, it's not the healthiest nail ritual. I recognized it was necessary to take a break from it. It's something that should be done frequently but I haven't done it quite awhile so I knew it was time. I do plan on getting my nails done with the gel or acrylic again but I know it's mandatory to take a break in order to nurture my own nail bed. 

After all, it doesn't matter how fancy your nails are if they are not healthy. Nail care is essential. I've been doing the whole natural manicure ritual since the end of February and it's been going good. I feel great about it! Here's my routine:

1) Apply 1-2 coats of Sally Hansen's "Thicken-Up!" nail strengthener as the base coat on my bare nails after completing a manicure or getting a manicure. Let it dry for 15  minutes. Apply nail color. Or if I'm not in the mood to babysit a potential nail-chipping- situation, I opt to go without nail color and proceed to step 2.

2) Once the nail strengthener has dried I apply 1 coat of Sally Hansen's "Hard As Nails" to complete the nail care routine.

I love these Sally Hansen nail products because they have been around for years and they work. I love the results! You can find them at your local CVS or Rite Aid or for $5 or $6.

I use the strengthener 2 or sometimes 3 times a week. I remove it and refresh it every 3-4 days, depending on the need. Although this is not the most glamorous or easiest nail routine for me, I'm happy to give my nails a break.  My plan is to keep this up until maybe early or mid May. I also plan to take more breaks from the acrylics and gels to ensure a healthier nail bed for life. I'm not giving up acrylic but I'm learning to do it in moderation. I hope you find my natural nail journey inspiring. Nail pics coming soon!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion Find!

Photo Credit: Raquel Parks
Photo Caption:

For this month's "Fashion Find" segment, I'm highlighting a new lipstick I purchased and have desperately been looking for. I will confess that I'm not a big makeup person. In fact I do not wear makeup. However, I do wear many different lipsticks and lip glosses. Every lipstick and gloss I own is typically from M.A.C.; I love their quality, variety, colors, and prices. They are a classic brand to me. I often like to pick new shades for the season when I find a color I love. Recently, I became very determined to track down a particular shade of red that seemed almost impossible to find and harder to explain in shade.

I was watching Devil Wears Prada one day and Anne Hathaway's character had on this deep shade of red that I thought would be perfect for me. I already had a bright red that I loved but I wanted a red that was a mix between the colors ox blood and blood red. It's one of those shades you know it when you see it. I tried with M.A.C. first, and came close but  not close enough. I also found a pretty close match with  Dior but it still was not for me. 

Anyway, I finally found the exact shade I was imaging and looking for when I went to Sephora. Hourglass' Icon- Blue Red lipstick was my winning color! The texture is smooth and light, just the way I like it. The color was also spot on! I love it and now have a new shade to add to my collection! It goes to show that you should never be too afraid to try something new. The Hourglass' Icon-Blue Red color is $28 and available at Sephora stores and online.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Accessory of the Week: Shades!

                                             Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

I've never been been one to throw shade but these sunglasses make it extremely chic and stylish to shade off a few envious ones and sun rays! But with all seriousness, shades are a must have. They are statement-makers. Typically, I do not like to spend over $50 for sunglasses but for over a year I've had an obsession with these "Prada Baroque" sunglasses. The popular sunglasses come in several different shades and designs. They are just too, too cool and have a distinctive look that always catches my attention. They are available at Saks Fifth AvenueMacy's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus for $290. However, certain designs are priced higher. Visit the stores or websites for full pricing detail.

Spring 2014 Fragrances to Check Out

Spring is almost here! Why not start off the new season with a new scent? Check out 4 amazing fragrances that I recommend for the upcoming season on CW50 Detroit!

Photo Credit: Raquel Parks

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy International Women's Day tomorrow!

Erica Campbell graces HOPE cover

In honor of  International Women's Day tomorrow and Women's History Month, I think it's important to spotlight empowering women even more. It's something we should do in every life, as well. Hope for Women Magazine will be spotlighting Erica Campbell from gospel duo,  Mary Mary on its winter cover. The magazine is on stands today so heck out her interview with the magazine!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

MDP's 86th Academy Awards Best Dressed List

The 2014 Oscars inspired a lot of white and pastel colors which I found refreshing and light for the upcoming Spring season. I founds these ladies to be a breath of fresh air, chic, and beautiful! 

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada
Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

                                                           Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture
Photo Credit: Wonder
                                                            Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace
Photo Credit: Global

                                                                Lady Gaga in Versace
Photo Credit: Daily News