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Chrisette Michele's returns with her elegant voice but ditches the blues sound with Epiphany

Written by: R.D.P
Chrisette Michele returns with her unique, elegant voice and lyrics with her sophomore album, Epiphany .Chrisette Michele debuted onto the scene with a sound that was reminiscent of blues and classic R&B in her debut album, I Am.

With songs like “If I Have My Way” and “Love is You”, Michele captured a sound that was sweet, soulful, and simply beautiful. However , in her new album Epiphany ,she departs from the soft ballads and the blues- infused- soul sound of her debut album , I Am for a more up tempo and contemporary. Epiphany has12 tracks and includes one guest appearance by singer and songwriter, Ne-Yo .

"Epiphany', the leading single of the album (perhaps the best song on the album), is the perfect combination of Michele’s classic sound with an upbeat, catchy hook and beautiful piano as the background. Notebook is a sweet lyrical track with a mid tempo rhythm of love. Michele’s uses a light, airy vocal tone in the song, adding to its beauty.
What You Do featuring Ne-Yo, is a simple and sweet track that blends Michele’s unique vocals with a clapping beat, piano, and light R&B base. Essentially, Epiphany is good but lacks the beauty and uniqueness of Chrisette Michele’s classic sound that could be heard in I Am.
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