Polyvore Wednesday: Styleshack's Glam Madame

Photo Credit: Photos by Styleshack,collage created by Raquel 

This week's Poyvore is a unique one that is the result of my collaboration with Styleshack! Styleshack offers a one-stop digital shopping experience to local (yes, local) boutiques for clothing and accessories to create any look. They offered me the chance to shop and create a look using their website. The basis to great fashion is having the right items styled together to pull off each look. To pull together that look, it’s essential and downright fun to shop for the items that will create the style you’re going for. But sometimes it's hard to know where to shop for what. Styleshack offers a fashionista the opportunity to browse and purchase online from different local boutiques on one site.

Whether you're a "Professional chic" or an "Edgy" type, you are guaranteed access to items that fit your style. Above, is a look I styled and put together based on the 9 style archetypes that Styleshack feels defines the modern woman's style. I am a combo between "Glam Madame" and "Romantic". I shopped the website's many boutiques and by archetype to create this sample look of what I think would be a somewhat casual "Glam Madame" look. The details to each item is below. Enjoy!

available at Marlee's by Tappers

Valentino Grey Rhinestone Satin Sandal- Size 37
available at Closet NV

Demi Moto Skinny in Hart
available at Rear Ends

Goddess Cascades (earrings)

Paisley (necklace)

Cameron Stretch V Neck Tank
available at Rear Ends

Black Blazer with Puff Sleeves
available at Lola B. Couture

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