Accessory of the Week: Shades!

                                             Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

I've never been been one to throw shade but these sunglasses make it extremely chic and stylish to shade off a few envious ones and sun rays! But with all seriousness, shades are a must have. They are statement-makers. Typically, I do not like to spend over $50 for sunglasses but for over a year I've had an obsession with these "Prada Baroque" sunglasses. The popular sunglasses come in several different shades and designs. They are just too, too cool and have a distinctive look that always catches my attention. They are available at Saks Fifth AvenueMacy's, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus for $290. However, certain designs are priced higher. Visit the stores or websites for full pricing detail.

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