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For this month's "Fashion Find" segment, I'm highlighting a new lipstick I purchased and have desperately been looking for. I will confess that I'm not a big makeup person. In fact I do not wear makeup. However, I do wear many different lipsticks and lip glosses. Every lipstick and gloss I own is typically from M.A.C.; I love their quality, variety, colors, and prices. They are a classic brand to me. I often like to pick new shades for the season when I find a color I love. Recently, I became very determined to track down a particular shade of red that seemed almost impossible to find and harder to explain in shade.

I was watching Devil Wears Prada one day and Anne Hathaway's character had on this deep shade of red that I thought would be perfect for me. I already had a bright red that I loved but I wanted a red that was a mix between the colors ox blood and blood red. It's one of those shades you know it when you see it. I tried with M.A.C. first, and came close but  not close enough. I also found a pretty close match with  Dior but it still was not for me. 

Anyway, I finally found the exact shade I was imaging and looking for when I went to Sephora. Hourglass' Icon- Blue Red lipstick was my winning color! The texture is smooth and light, just the way I like it. The color was also spot on! I love it and now have a new shade to add to my collection! It goes to show that you should never be too afraid to try something new. The Hourglass' Icon-Blue Red color is $28 and available at Sephora stores and online.

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