Product Review: Flower Bomb body cream

The "Flower Bomb" fragrance by Viktor & Rolf has quickly become one of my favorite perfumes. The sweet and bold floral notes are absolutely elegant! I bought the perfume on my birthday last year with the plan to eventually buy the body cream to go with it. Now, it's finally mine! I'm not into many beauty products but this body cream is in a league of its own. The "Flower Bomb" body cream has a whipped and creamy texture that lingers with its signature scent. The cream has a soft oil finish without drying to be too greasy. Essentially, it moisturerizes and leaves the skin soft to the touch without being oily. You can use it anywhere on your body and you only need  a dab of of it in your hand( a tablespoon amount at the most). I recommend applying the body cream after you have applied your basic, daily  lotion or moisturizer to your body, first. The cream should be a finishing coat to you skin to add the perfect level of moisture. The "Flower Bomb" body cream sells for $90 at Macy's, Nordstrom's, and Neiman Marcus. There is plenty of the luxurious cream in the 6.7fl oz jar so you will certainly have plenty to use for a long time. Try it and you'll thank me later!

Photo Credit: Raquel Parks

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