Fashion Find!

A new year inspires a fresh start and a great reason to embrace new things. As a result I'm introducing a new segment to MDP called Fashion Find! It's a monthly segment that allows me to share a new item or two that I came across and purchased for a great deal! Contrary to popular belief, a quality item can be found at an affordable price with careful shopping. I love finding a new designer piece or amazing fashion items in general within my budget. It's the best! This month my fashion find items are particularly exciting because they came just in time for the winter snow storm and are exactly what I was looking for. Check out my two designer fashion winter accessories below:

Jessica Simpson fingerless gloves, $12.99 Marshall' s

Calvin Klein knit hat, $14.99 Marshall's
(Photo Credit: Raquel Parks)

You can also try shopping the designers' websites for when they have sales in order to purchase designer items at a lower price than originally labeled. Sometimes the best way to catch a deal is simply to wait and shop around at leisure, without pressure. You may just stumble on a deal as I did. If any doubts, follow your instincts and keep receipts. Good luck on your fashion finds!

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