Honoring Black History Month: My Dear, Mrs. Waterman

Last week, a woman very close to me that I considered to be like another grandmother passed away. Her name is Mrs. Waterman and she was 87 years old. She lived a full and bright life. She was known for so many different roles and hats she held during her time on earth that includes: beloved mother and wife, great grandmother, counselor, chef, mentor, loving friend, and mother to anyone who needed it. For over 50 years, she resided in Detroit and was a blessing to anyone she encountered  I had the pleasure of living next door to her for 6 years. I always , foolishly, thought she would always be there. However, tomorrow is never promised. I wish I had more time with her but I will remember everything she taught me. Mrs. Waterman is in a league of her own. She will always be special to me and be an inspiration to be better than I was yesterday. I love and  honor you today and always.


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