Honoring Black History Month: Lena Horne

In honor of Black History Month, I will be spotlighting a few of the African American women that have inspired me with their sacrifices, talents, and most of all, the way in which they have paved the way for women like me to follow.

 Lena Horne was a singer, actress, dancer, and a civil rights activist. She is best known for her roles in "The Wiz", "Cabin In The Sky", and "Stormy Weather". "Stormy Weather" is in fact one of Horne's signature song. She is known for taking a stand against performing for segregated groups of people during World War II. She also walked and spoke in the 1963 Walk on Washington. Horne continued to build a legacy of grace, strength, and elegance until her death in May of 2010. You can view her performance of "Stormy Weather" and as Glinda, the good witch in the "The Wiz" on Youtube. She truly was a class act!

Photo Credit: Google Image Search

Photo Credit: Google Image Search

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