Cruising in style for Woodward

Photo Credit: Dream Cruise Website

The Woodward Dream Cruise is an annual event that car enthusiasts anticipate every summer in Michigan. The finest and brightest cars are showcased during the weekend event. But any Michigander knows that anything goes when it comes to the weather! So here a few tips for a fashionista looking to comfortably, cruise next weekend.

1) Keep your stylish attire simple and comfortable. A Maxi dress or a pair of shorts with a top are perfect for the day. Maxi dresses are colorful, carefree, and effortlessly, beautiful.

They can easily be paired with flats or wedges if you want. A pair of shorts and a feminine top is laid back yet very fashionable for the occasion.

2) Bring an umbrella! Between the heat and unexpected chance of showers, it's best to be
                                                                                    prepared for all the weather elements!

3) Don't forget your shades. You don't want to miss any of the beautiful, shiny cars that roar down Woodward in the sun. (FYI: Michael Kors makes a great line of eyewear.)

4) A summer scarf is not only a great way to add style to your dress or casual wear. You can also wrap the scarf over your hair to protect it from the harsh heat and wind as you cruise.

5) Opt for a colorful tote to carry along for the event rather than a typical handbag. A tote is fashionable and very functional. A totes will hold any little thing you might want to carry along while enjoying the event. It's just a smart fashion choice for the day.

Keep all these little tips in mind and you're guaranteed to be prepared to have an awesome time at the Dream Cruise. The 2012 Dream Cruise is Saturday, August 18th. Happy Cruising!

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