The Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon

Gear up for a walk/run marathon with a party afterwards to celebrate! The Detroit Free Press and Flagstar Bank have teamed up once again to present their run/walk marathon on October 18th.
The international walk/run marathon will provide participants a scenic route through Windsor riverfronts and Detroit's historic neighbor hoods.
This marathon is also divided in a wave,according to pace and abilities and the start times for each is as follows:
7:13 AM- Disabilities Division
7:15 AM- Marathon, Half Marathon Run/Walk and Marathon Relay (First Wave)
7:33 AM- Marathon, Half Marathon Run/Walk and Marathon Relay (Last
7:30 AM- 5k Fun Run/Walk (using unique
start line on Lafayette at Washington Blvd.)
*** "You must be able to complete the marathon in six and a half hours, and the half marathon in four hours, from the time the “Last Chance Pacer” crosses the start line. We will close the marathon course at 2:05 PM and the half marathon course at 11:35 AM. "***
You can register at
The half marathon starts at 8:08a.m.,ending at 11:35a.m. The longer marathon begins at 8:02 a.m. and ends at 2:05p.m. A party with live entertianment and food will follow the marathon!For more information and how to register, visit


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