Funky Ferndale Art Fair & DIY Street Fair

Funky Ferndale Art
Picture this:the brightest,most stunning artwork from all over this country in 1 place! The annual Funky Ferndale Art returns this year from 9/19-9/20. The fair will include over 100 artists and local foods. The community will be invited to create their own art masterpieces. Speed Painting will be available as well, for guests, to raise money for several charities.Guests will also be able to bid on a artwork created by artists.
The festival will take place West Nine mile Rd. For more information, visit
DIY Street Fair
The DIY Street Fair will have 70 entrepreneurs,14 breweries, local restaurants, 30 live acts, and plenty of activities for the kids. The fair will take place East 9 mile rd and Woodward from 9/18-9/20.For more information, visit
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