2009 Walk like MADD Fundraising Walk 9/26

Save a life and help prevent drunk driving by lending your feet and time. Every year thousands of people are injured or killed by drunk drivers. You can help do something about it! MADD is holding its 5th Annual Walk like MADD 5K Walk, in Metro Detroit . ‘Walk like MADD is a non-competitive walk for corporations and individuals to team up with MADD in “keeping our communities safe.” '
Interested participants can register a company or themselves online at http://www.walklikemadd.org/ or by calling Beth Sowulewski at 586.997.6504. She can also be reached through email at beth.sowulewski@madd.org The walk will be held at Troy Civic Center on September 26. For more information visit, http://www.walklikemadd.org/ or http://www.troymi.gov/Calendar/EventDetail.aspx?ID=http://mail/exchange/WebCalendar/Calendar/2009%20Walk%20like%20MADD%20-%20Detroit%20Metro%205k%20Walk.EML

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