Product Review: The Perfect Sculpt Bra

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I really wanted this bra to work out because a backless bra with major support sounded like a dream. I looked at all the videos (I'm sure you have seen them with the celebrities wearing them) posted online. I thought to myself "I wonder if that really works".  But I didn’t realize that it would be so many different brands for this type of bra. Ultimately, I chose to go with the Perfect Sculpt Bra for $20.99. How does it rate? Let me start with the details.

 I bought one and a family member also got one. When both arrived I noticed they seem to be made slightly different. The sticky adhesive was patterned different in each bra and one had the logo but the other didn't. These are minor details yet it made me question the quality.

My family member and I had the similar experience with the bra. The simple pull of the draw string is supposed to provide a desirable lift and push for more cleavage. However, I noticed it takes a lot of maneuvering to get the bra on correctly to achieve some type of push-lift-affect. The draw string is very cheap to me. Once you get the bra on, it is convenient for that backless look but I didn't feel as supported as I thought.

Also, this bra becomes challenging the bigger the cup size. The family member who purchased this did managed to get the bra on and was happy to have it for an outfit but she felt that the bra would most likely allow for some spillage at some point in the evening. Therefore, I would think twice and I probably would have if I had known this.  Yet, if you are going to try one of these bras, it’s great to only pay $20.99. I am happy I tried it. Just don’t expect it to be exactly like you see online. Overall, I rate the bra at a C-. It does offer some use however, it certainly does not work as advertised.

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