Lessons from MDP on her 30th birthday

Photo Credit: Metro Diva Pages
1.  30 is what you make it! Like any other age, it can be a fresh start for more and better.

2.  Don't compare your journey to anyone else. Everyone's path at 30 or any age is different. Stay focused and happy!

3.  30 does not mean you have everything you want but it can be a pivotal moment to getting what you want.

4.  Love who you are physically and mentally at every point in your life. Appreciate all the small and big moments.

5.  Don't be afraid to do what you really want. It's better to not regret what you didn't do!

6.  Health, happiness and faith is everything.

7.  Life is short and meant to be lived so you have to have fun!

8. When you look back, you'll realize that every hardship thus far set you up for today  
    and where you are now. Embrace that!

I'm thankful to be where I am in my life and for this awesome blog that I have had 8 years. Thank you 🖤MDP

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