Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Booties

Fall Booties

Booties are my latest obsession for this season and I can’t seem to love enough of them! I love the style and versatility a bootie provides. It also offers as little or as much coverage  you want (unlike a  regular boot). There are three types of booties I want in my closet, if I am being honest: I want one for dressing up (such as one made of lace or suede with satin or lace strings), a rugged-hip bootie for cold, slippery weather (think of a bootie with a lugged bottom or platform), and a simple leather bootie. Also, I  find booties that expose a lot of the foot to be not as beneficial to me. It can be very cold in Michigan at the drop of the hat and if it's still hot aside, it may be too hot for a boot style for my comfort. Nevertheless, I am still starting to love a peep-toe on a bootie. You can show off a bit of your pedicure but not risk being too cold. Anyway, I think a bootie is an essential item for transitioning between seasons. Style and function in one! You can’t beat that. To see what kind of booties caught my eye,  click on the pic above, courtesy of Polyvore, for more information on each style.

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