Our Lives Matters

I write this with a heavy heart and shock. I don't know if I wasn't full awake or just hoping for the best, but the recent shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are completely devastating. My condolences to both families. Neither man had a weapon in his hand at the time of their deaths. It worries me that this is becoming typical and more frequent. More importantly, it bothers me that it's happening at all and color seems to be the evident reason. The level of injustice and carelessness for a human life truly  makes me sick and cry.  Humanity seems lost today in general. I'm no longer at an age to be so naive to it. However, I pray for things to get better and that if given the chance, I get to vote for some type of law that will save someone else from enduring this tragedy. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Life matters.

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