The Power Of Flats

The Power Of Flats

As a a major fashion lover, every season I find myself drawn to certain items that I consider to be must-have to maintaining stylish looks. It's a curse when I'm trying to stay on a budget but I digress. My current obsession is flats. Yes, I said flats. In the past, I've found flats tedious and something unattractive to throw on at work because heels were not always functional and realistic. But now I've come to appreciate them very much.

I use to think that flats had to be broken in to be super comfortable and they weren't meant to look stylish. As silly as it sounds, it wasn't until recently I learned I was so mistaken about flats. My mind changed when I ran into a pair of flats by the brand White Mountain.

I never heard of the brand before but the flats caught my eye because they were quilted, black, leather, and had a patent leather piece in the front. Needless to say, they were very stylish.

I could picture myself wearing them with one of my many dresses or a pair of jeans. I didn't allow myself to get too excited though until I actually tried them on. To my surprise, they felt very comfortable. There was so much cushion and nopinching anywhere. I was even more excited when I found them in beige. The whole experience changed my perception on flats.

First of all,flats should always be comfortable and can also be very stylish. The key is spending the time to look at various pairs and shop around to find that pair that has that distinct style. You don't have to compromise comfort. Comfort should be considered in any shoe.We all might have that one or two pair of shoes we love that are only good from the car to sitting at the table at a restaurant.

Sometimes you have to keep it real. Flats are therefore a great option for the office or even shopping. When I'm in the office I don't always want to be standing on my 4 to 6 inch heels. Work is demanding enough. A stylish, flat will look great and keep me comfortable throughout the long,work day. I love that.

Also, I like to shop a lot yet I don't like to be hindered by my footwear. I don't feel the need for heels at the mall because they interfere when I might be on a major shopping mission. Flats just make sense but still can match well with my style, ensemble, and my handbag which is really important to me.

Once you find a pair of flats that feel good and have a look you love then you can conquer the world. I think it's great to find a brand you love because it can guide you. White Mountain is a stylish and comfortable so it is a brand I look for now. Aeorsoles and Cole Haan also make some very chic flats that are comfortable , as well.    

Ultimately, a pair of flats are essential to have. Will I be ditching my lovable stilettos and wedges? Never. However,now I have a way to keep my style, get a necessary break when needed from a heel, and still feel confident. I will never underestimate a pair of flats again.

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