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I recently had the opportunity to be introduced to Michigan jewelry designer, Rachel Paga’s amazing jewelry and therefore, I am very excited to share with all of you! Rachel Paga is the creator of a stellar jewelry line called Rachel Marie Designs. Rachel Marie Designs is truly a unique and beautiful collection of jewelry. I absolutely love her perspective on jewelry design because her pieces are like nothing I have ever seen.  From vintage-inspired to full glamour, Rachel Marie Designs has a piece of jewelry for every occasion.

With so many statement pieces, I wondered where Paga gathers ideas and how much time she spends on it all. Here’s what Paga had to say:

“I draw inspiration from current fashion. I also love working with mother of the bride and bridal parties, so I search current color palettes and use them to make relevant pieces…On average, from the idea of the piece to the completion is anywhere from 30 minutes on basic pieces to 17 hours on more intricate pieces.  There is also time involved in picking the colors, laying out the color palette and then I get to put it together.”

You can truly see the time, consideration, and art that goes into each piece she makes. I find her wedding pieces that feature pearls and stones to be some of my favorite. They’re so elegant and timeless. They are definitely pieces I can see myself wearing on my big day in the future.

For now, I must tell you about a few of the items I own from her collection. Currently, I have the fortune of owning 3 beautiful pieces from Rachel Marie Designs which include a silver bangle with a small circle Detroit map charm and a hook clasp, and a three-toned necklace with the matching bracelet that features a clear stone, a baby blue stone, and nude-like colored stone.

Photo Credit:Raquel Parks

I love my Detroit Bangle because it’s one-of-a-kind and a simple, sweet reminder that home is where my heart is. I’ve been wearing it quite often and find myself pairing it with a simple pair of jeans and a feminine top. 

Photo Credit:Raquel Parks

My three-toned necklace and bracelet is simply gorgeous. I needed something like this in my jewelry box.  I have not yet worn the set because I want to wear it with the perfect outfit. But I have a wedding I’ll be attending in a few months and I’m wearing a beige pleated dress that the set would pair perfectly with. You can catch a peak of the ensemble with the necklace below.  I can’t wait to wear it!

Photo Credit:Raquel Parks

Although I have not worn the set just yet, I love the unique colors because it makes it easy to pair with anything. I also won’t see anyone else walking around with this exact piece so that makes it extra exceptional to me. 

Paga is currently working on a line for the fall season that is set to launch in August this year that buyers can expect.  She also sells her pieces to several boutiques in the area, as well. 

If you’re looking for unique statement pieces then Rachel Marie Designs is truly it. Her strong point of view and special eye for colors makes her jewelry a stand out against the rest. To learn more about her line of jewelry, visit 

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  1. Thanks for the Rachel Marie shout-out! I'm a blogger at The Clothing Cove where we carry her line and we really appreciate it. I love the beige dress you paired the RM set with. Such a cute neckline. And like you pointed out, the versatility is one of the highlights of her line. If you get a sec, check out our latest blog at: http://theclothingcove.com/blog/2015/04/16/trending-fashion-blogs-check-these-out/ where we gave a shout-out to you. Thanks again and happy blogging!


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