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Plastic in Fashion
Did you know that plastic is a common, popular material used in fashion today? From to bathing suits to party dresses, plastic is used to make everyday fashion look chic and amazing. Therefore it's important to not only be aware on how plastics makes you look good but also to actively find ways to recycle and save materials that can help create the next hottest trends in fashion.

Plastics Makes It Possible has partnered up with C Magazine editor at large and expert stylist, George Kotsiopoulos to provide helpful tips and information on how plastic is incorporated into everyday fashion items and provide helpful styling tips with these items.

Kotsiopoulos discusses how plastic fashion items and designs are not only only eco-friendly but make stylish statements in his blog posts and in a year-long video series on Plastics Makes It Possible "Stylists Corner".

On April 5th the Spring/Summer Trend video was released, the first in the series. Kotsiopoulos has also posted recent articles on how plastic makes nail art possible (Fashion at Your Fingertips with Plastic Nail Art) and shares the latest style tips for the current season (Guest Blog Post from Expert George Kotsiopoulos) .

To read more about the video series and blog posts on Plastics Make It Possible, check out the article at Examiner: Plastics makes fashion possible, style expert Kotsiopoulos shares how
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